Ocvita Barcode ActiveX - version history

Current version: 1.1

Released: 10.03.2013

Version 1.1. Changes.

  • Added choice of the code page of the symbols in the barcode. You can use UTF-8, windows-1251 (win-1251), DOS 866, etc. Use the 'code_page' property. Please note: version 1.0 always use UTF-8.
  • For the Datamatrix (Data Matrix) barcode added the possibility to force the specific encoding mode. Please use 'setting_1' property. By default, the automatic selection is used. In automatic selection the message is divided into blocks and each block is encoded with most suitable mode.
    Version 1.1 allow to force the specific encoding mode, for example ASCII or BASE256 (base-256). (Version 1.0 always use automatic selection mode).

Please see documentation for details.

Version 1.0. Initial release.

Обновлено 10.03.2013 22:20
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